Erie Gold Deep Cup Colorado Worm Harness

Single Deep Cup Blade

    #20 lb. 48" Monofilament
    #3 Gold Colorado Deep Cup Blade
    #4 Folded Brass Clevis
    #2 Gamakatsu Octopus Crawler Harness Hook
    ProEye and Plastic or Opaque Hardness Beads
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  • " All about the Worm Harness"
  • "Colorado Blade specifics"
  • " have to find them!" a word from the professionals!

Deep cup Colorado spinner blades are the same size as a regular Colorado spinner blade. It has a large cup at the trailing edge that allows it to start spinning easier at a slower speed. Once started it will continue spinning at the lower speed. The deep cup design gives it a fish-calling “thump” at any speed. It is an excellent choice for low-speed retrieves and trolling presentations.

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  • Model: WH-10102 SDCC

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