White Double Colorado Long Shiner

Hammered Blades, Faceted Beads
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Worm harnesses popularity for walleye fishing can be attributed to their effectiveness, versatility, ease of use, and ability to be customized to suit different fishing situations. Many anglers consider worm harnesses to be essential tools in their walleye fishing arsenal.

# 20 lb. 48" Mono-filament

#3 Smooth Colorado Blade - Colorado blades are rounder and provide more thump and vibration, making them effective in murkier waters or when walleye are more lethargic.

#4 Hammered Colorado Blade - a hammered blade can increase visibility, enhance attraction, offer versatility, provide a natural presentation, and increase durability.

#4 Folded Nickel Clevis

2/0 Eagle Claw Live Bait Hook - using live bait fishing hooks for catching walleye provides a natural presentation, increases attraction, offers versatility, and is effective in various fishing conditions and techniques, all of which can contribute to a successful walleye fishing experience.

Opaque Acrylic Faceted & Round Plastic Beads - the best beads for your walleye trolling worm harness will depend on factors like water clarity, light conditions, and the walleye's feeding behavior. It's often a good idea to experiment with different colors, sizes, and materials to see what works best in your specific fishing environment.

The flash and sparkle produced by faceted beads can help attract fish from a distance, making them effective for covering more water and enticing fish to strike.

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