Erie Gold Red Eye Deep Cup Colorado Blade Worm Harness

Single Deep Cup Blade

Worm harnesses popularity for walleye fishing can be attributed to their effectiveness, versatility, ease of use, and ability to be customized to suit different fishing situations. Many anglers consider worm harnesses to be essential tools in their walleye fishing arsenal.

#20 lb. 48" Mono-filament

#4 Gold Colorado Deep Cup Blade - Deep cup Colorado spinner blades are the same size as a regular Colorado spinner blade. It has a large cup at the trailing edge that allows it to start spinning easier at a slower speed. Once started it will continue spinning at the lower speed. The deep cup design gives it a fish-calling “thump” at any speed. It is an excellent choice for low-speed retrieves and trolling presentations.

1/4" Red Prism Eye

#4 Folded Brass Clevis

#2 Gamakatsu Octopus Crawler Harness Hook - Octopus fishing hooks can improve hooking rates, offer versatility in bait presentation, provide strength and durability, and reduce the risk of snagging, all of which can contribute to a more successful fishing experience.

ProEye and Plastic or Opaque Hardness Beads - the best beads for your walleye trolling worm harness will depend on factors like water clarity, light conditions, and the walleye's feeding behavior. It's often a good idea to experiment with different colors, sizes, and materials to see what works best in your specific fishing environment.

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