Willowleaf Blade

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Alewife Double Double Willowleaf Worm Harness (WH-10051 DDW)

Double #4 Willowleaf Hammered Blades
Double #2 Gamakatsu Octopus Crawler Harness Hook
#20 Monofilament
#4 Folded Nickel Clevis
Powder Paint: White, Alewife and Black
Proeye, Plastic or Opaque Hardness Beads: Cranberry, Purple Haze, Pearl, Cold Steel

Includes:‘RIGGING GUIDE’ and ‘PRESENTATION’ of worm harness
" All about the Worm Harness"
"Colorado Blade specifics"
"FIRST...you have to find them!" a word from the professionals!

Double Blade
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