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Walleye Can'd Gold Colorado Stinger (WH-10501 WSSC)

Many anglers consider worm harnesses to be essential tools in their walleye fishing arsenal. When Walleye are biting short give them a Can'd Stinger.

# 20 lb. 36" Monofilament

 #4 Single Colorado Blade - Colorado blades are rounder and provide more thump and vibration, making them effective in murkier waters or when walleye are more lethargic.

#4 Folded Nickel Clevis

#2 VMC Octopus Needle Point Hook - Octopus fishing hooks can improve hooking rates, offer versatility in bait presentation, provide strength and durability, and reduce the risk of snagging, all of which can contribute to a more successful fishing experience.

#8 Treble 1X Stinger Hook - Treble hooks provide better hooking efficiency and can help increase your chances of landing a fish, particularly when walleye are striking aggressively.

Opaque Acrylic Facetted Beads - The flash and sparkle produced by faceted beads can help attract fish from a distance, making them effective for covering more water and enticing fish to strike.

  • 'RIGGING GUIDE’ and ‘PRESENTATION’ of worm harness
  • " All about the Worm Harness"
  • "Colorado Blade specifics"
  • " have to find them!" a word from the professionals!
Single Blade
Candy Gold 1/16 oz Roundhead Jig (RHJ-116-004)
#4 Mustad Bronze Hook
1/16 oz Roundhead Jig
Powder Paint colors: :Single color
Candy Gold
Eye: :None
Quantity per packet:  :10 (Ten)
Candy Gold Roundhead Jig
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