About Us

Welcome to our internet presence for Witko Lures.

This website is the result of a passion for fishing and the enjoyment derived from creating and making things. The result is more fishing lures and etc than we could possibly use... thus the creation of Witko Lures a sub-domain of Witko Business and Office Supplies.

If looking for fishing lures and etc you're in the right place. As any avid fisherman knows, you're bound to lose a few jigs, sinkers, worm harnesses, and more along the way. So why not make them yourself? That's exactly what we are doing at Witko Lures. Who knows, maybe other fishermen will appreciate his creations too. The goal is to see if there's a market for Witko Lures handmade tackle. So, if you're out on the water and happen to catch a fish with a Witko jig or worm harness, you'll know it's the real deal. Good luck fishing, folks!

If also interested in business forms, checks, labels and etc go to www.witkosupplies.com.

Choose from thousands of products to help you manage, promote and grow your business. Premium quality business forms and office products... at affordable prices. The goal here is to provide a doorway to cost-effective business forms and office supplies. Witko, as of August 1st, 2020, has merged with Hamco of Western PA. Going forward we will be maintaing the website providing a landing page to products, information and pricing on our "order on-line" site. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.